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    I have insurance on my Verizon Pre+ and I'm wondering if they're showing out of stock, do they still have refurbs to use for a replacement? Or will users get a "like or comparable model"? I know this is a question for my insurance provider and not you guys, but what do you speculate?

    I would be all for filing a claim in a few months and getting a Pre 2 as a replacement, doubt that'll happen though.

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    I'm on my way to VZ right now to see if there are any pres left and if they will exchange it otherwise I will be calling and see if they will exchange it through Customer Service. Mine is 3 months old. Even if there is one within a 150 miles I'll drive to go get it! I have full insurance on it but this seems to be with the earpiece. I can use it to make calls with my headset but through the phone it's all static. If I could upgrade when new hardware comes out and there are no pres right now I could keep it and just use the headset. It's in mint condition so I hate to give it up.

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    Best of luck to you! If you could come back here and tell us your experience when it's all said and done I would be grateful.

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    they have a warehouse full of refurbs for replacements.

    they are just out of new ones.
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    Haha....i just went into my new Verizon store yesterday wondering the same thing.
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    assurion and the carriers will have replacements available for a couple of years.

    I had my centro replaced after almost 3 years and assurion had it in stock.
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    if you are doctoring anyway, try creatinf a new profile (hotmail accounts are free).

    you won't get your contacts or paid apps, but it will give you a controlled sandbox for restoring your homebrew stuff. That may help you distinguish betwee a corrupt file, a corrupt profile (which palm can usually fix) or something else. Doctor directly to 1.4.5 to eliminate OTA updates as a variable.

    also, are you overclocking? Going below 500mhz or running at a voltage that is too low is know to cause the issue you are experiencing.
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    Well I just got home. I had to wait a few minutes at the store, they still have the PrePlus on display and nothing to say it's out of stock so when my turn came and the guy looked at my phone he said they didn't have any in stock and he would have to order a replacement to be shipped to me, a refurbished one. I should have it Tues or Wed. I only hope it doesn't have any issues. I have never had any of the keyboard issues that I have read about here or anything else. I'm probably just being paranoid. My Pre has been perfect out of the box and I baby it. Good thing I ordered extra skins so I can put one on the replacement before switching. I'm hoping there are no scratches on it when I receive it. So it looks like there is replacement stock for those of us who need it.

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    Actually, since I'm on verizon if the Pre 2 comes I'll just start an angry conversation about the lack of aGPS and hopefully get a free replacement.

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