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    I've read some of what I can find in search but I still have a couple questions. I'm going to try and exchange my Pre at the big VZ store or else if they won't I'll have to call and do it that way. And hope they still have Pres.

    I've backed up my Pre (Save/Restore and Pre Backup Utility)...hooked it to my PC, USB drive, made a back up folder with today's date on it, highlighted all the folders on my Pre and copied over to the back up folder. I removed Govnah, kernel and theme. I sent my contacts via email, I'm removing all my photos. I have texts messages on there, are those backed up in any folders so that I can move them back to a new phone? I found a folder that says .attachments and when I open it there is a folder that says mms and a bunch of folders in there. When I open a folder some will show photos from my texts and then a empty "temp" folder. I'd like to keep some texts that is on my phone (from someone special for sentimental reasons) but if I can't I can't. I remember seeing a post about texts and can't find it now.

    Also what else should I remove? Preware? All my patches and apps? What's the best and easiest way to do this?

    I'm already about having panic attacks that they won't have any Pres to replace mine with. I worry if they do that a refurbished one will have issues. My 3 month old Pre has been perfect until yesterday when static started on calls if I use the phone and not a headset. If I use a headset it's fine.

    I'll leave in a couple hours to head to the city to see what I can do with an exchange in the store. Hopefully I'll have some responses here before I leave. Otherwise I was going to shed a tear or two when I delete all my texts I've kept on the phone and uninstall my patches one by one and then preware. If someone can help me prior to this I'd truly appreciate it!

    I don't think I know which is worse....worrying about no Pre's and having to choose another phone...what would I get? I only want my Pre with my free mobile hotspot.....or thinking somehow not all of my pics are erased and someone getting my phone as a refurbished LOL.
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    I recommend you call vzw customer service to ask for an exchange. Just ask for a smartphone specialist. Generally I find the store techs are a pain, and they are all outsourced sales people so they will try to sell you an android.

    in terms of txt backup, there is a thread around here that tells you how to do it. I can't find it at the moment. I'll look from a pc later if you can't find it. Best way to search is to use google and include ' in the search criteria. See if you can find it and post back your results.
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    update: here are some links to start with... I forgot this was a front page story. Sorry about that...
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    Thank you for the links. I read through them and it kind of scares me that problems may occur. I did do the Save/Restore and the Pre Back up utility. Would one of these save the texts? I'm not sure I understand how the Pre Back up works. I'm assuming when I get the replacement phone and make sure the WEBOS is on the same version that I can move my files back over to the new phone and put Preware etc back on the phone and my back up files will be there? Good thing I have tomorrow off I'll be doing alot of reading here the next couple days!

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

    I don't need to understand the way you think I need to, I understand the way I think I need to.
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    no, apparently there is no 'safe' way to back up messages, althoug I don't understand why. It certainly won't hurt to tryy. Why do you want to keep old txt messages? That's the beauty of txt messages. Permanent messages are email!

    seriously, how many to you have? You can also try forwarding them to email if you only have a few.
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    LOL i have quite a few from someone special but I can live without them. I may try it just don't want to mess up my replacement first thing.

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

    I don't need to understand the way you think I need to, I understand the way I think I need to.

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