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    This may need to be moved to another part of the forum:

    I'm a Verizon customer & traveling to Mexico for a week. We need to have the ability to receive "emergency" phone calls from our elderly parents. My Pre Plus is a standard phone...not "unlocked"....anyone with any experience with this? Any suggestions? (We will have the ability to call free from our hotel TO the US, but need the ability to get calls from our 90 & 99 y.o. parents!)

    Thanx in advance...

    Note: I do not need to have my data plan while there...just phone ability.
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    You shouldn't have any issues. I am on Sprint and have not had any issues in mexico (Guadalajara, Cancun and Riviera Maya) but think Verizon should be ok. You can always call Verizon to make sure. What part are you going? make sure you have International calling turned on. the phone settings and also have verizon allow international calls also.
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    You should have the international roaming managed by Iusacell
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    I am on Sprint, and I recently went to Cabo and had ok reception. Our hotel was off the beaten path, so reception wasn't great there. But in town it was good, as well as near the airport. I just called to make sure I had international roaming set up. Since VZW is also CDMA, you should be ok too.
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    Thanx to all. Just spoke to Verizon, had the "international access" assigned/unlocked to my phone. This was no charge. Any calls (received/sent) will be considered roaming & will be .99/minute. Because we can make calls "TO" the US for free from our hotel, we can maintain contact @ no charge. I will only be using the "roaming" to receive an emergency call. We will only be there for 7 days, so adding an international "plan" was not needed.

    We will be in the "hotel zone" in Cancun, so I'm hoping the signal will be good.

    Thanx again for your input....

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