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    My Pre just reset to factory OEM out of the blue. I was on FB, and tried to go to a different feed (from my Profile to the News feed) and all of a sudden, it didn't recognize me as being logged in. Then the phone said it needed to reset in order log back in to my Palm profile. I thought that was a funny way to say that I had lost my data connection or something- it didn't even dawn on me that it would actually go to stock on it's own.
    Sure enough, when it reset, it checked to make sure I was activated and then went through the whole first run procedure. It's rebooting now, but I'm shocked. I don't know how much is going to get restored of my apps, kernel & data.
    Only thing that's been changed lately is I went from the F105 [experimental] kernel, to the F102[stable] kernel. And it was running much smoother (albeit a little slower) and with no hangs.
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    You probably had a corrupt database somewhere in your Palm Profile which prompted the restart and restore... I am not sure what would cause such a thing tho. Maybe a dev can chime in and offer a better answer...
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