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    Not hardware related, but my phone broke. I checked my phone this morning and it said "phone offline", so i restarted it. That didnt work. So i did "erase apps and data" reset. That didnt work. I used webOS doctor, that didnt work. I went to the sprint store, and because my phone has a crack on the edge, i have to pay 100 dollars for a new one.
    So i said no (i have other phones as backups) and i have been repeatedly using webOS doctor to try and revive it. Is there anything else I can do???

    Note: when the phone restarts after webOS doctor is done, the screen that lets you login to your palm profile is there, but the loading spinner/circle thing takes up the whole screen, it says phone offline in the top left and in the top right it only shows my battery status, and no bars or anything. Thanks
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    yeah let the doctor run then leave it alone for a while then see what it does ! instead of getting nervous and stopping it. your just messin it up worse
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    after the screen stops "spinning" it says"phone error, your phone is experiencing an error that cannot be resolved, visit for help.
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    I'm assuming you're currently locked out and can't run the interactive tests? Sounds like you have a failed hardware issue which will require a replacement phone.
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    thanks guys for the replies. I took the phone in and the guy swapped it. Also there were some other problems hardware wise (touchstone contacts were broken, power button broken). I could live with those but they guy handed me a new one which is awesome. So yea thanks again for the help i really appreciate it.

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