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    Help my pre slowed down to a crawl, and is unusable.

    I was using my phone just fine one seconds, normal speed pre, then I turn it off for 6 hours (because I was at great America and wanted to conserve battery) I come back turn it on, 8 mins later it is still booting! 8 ****in minutes! so I decided to orange+sym+R to restart, 6 more mins it finally boots up, HOWEVER the phone is slower then ****, it takes 14 seconds to load bookmark/browser, 7 seconds of slow glitchy animation to re-orientate it to landscape, i got patch to extend the bookmark count and it, so i swipe the screen to go to the bottom of them (i only have 15 or so) and i can see the phone skipping ichh by inch as it slowly scrolls to the bottom.

    go to the launcher, takes a few seconds to pop up, i move to a different page it takes 4 seconds to change.

    I go into a text msg, I start typing and there is a DAMN DELAY from what I am typing to what is getting written on the txt msg.

    I know the pre is slow, but this is slower this is at a crawl, the normal pre goes lightning fast compared to this.. please help.

    This has happened before, about 3 weeks ago, I doctored it, it fixed the problem, but there has to be an underlining problem! to have it happen again so soon like this, please help.

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    do you overclock with screenstate?

    Maybe its stuck in 125mhz mode.

    If thats the case go to Preware and remove the modified kernel so its on the stock kernel and reboot.
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    what patches, if any are you using? do you overclock? have you tried a battery pull yet?
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    omg lol,
    I was just about to run repair utility/doctor and I decide to check govnah, i look here while its taking forever to load, and sure enough it was in 125mhz mode like u said lmao..

    Thanks bro.

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    no problem, I used to have that problem all the time with the F104 kernel.

    The warthog kernel in the testing feeds doesnt have this stuck-at-125mhz issue.
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    F105 is the way to go...Just use screenstate instead of making your own.

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