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    Just got a replacement pre today through sprint. I am unable to link my phone as an I pod foor I tunes. When plugging into USB, there are now only 2 options. Charge or mass storage mode. What is going on here? I am still running the proper version of Itunes as well. Any help would be appreciated since I spent endless hours transfering the playlists to i tunes.
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    Nevermind. Figured it out. Now you have to enable media sync in the settings. Weird. Never had to before. Anyone know if they are going make a patch so we can link up with i tunes 10?
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    If you're talking about Palm's built in support for iTunes, they stopped trying to stay ahead of Apple's iTunes updates a long time ago when it became a gigantic game of cat and mouse. There's 3rd party programs (Palm Pre Media Sync Showdown) but as far as Palm is concerned, Media Sync with iTunes is abandoned and won't work with any iTunes past 9.0.1. Don't expect iTunes 10 support any time soon.
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    Yup, I was following it for a while but figured they would give up only for small updates. New versions they should at least fix the link so we can jump on 10.

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