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    I did a search and only found this phrase in the old Treo threads. My wife and I both have a Pre and have had bad reception for about a month. I talked with Sprint technical support over the computer and they did a remote reset on my phone. I sort of thought they were joking with me until the message, "Preparing Vision Services" popped up on my phone. I had to power cycle the phone after that and hope to have better reception within the hour.

    Anybody else experience this? Did your reception improve?
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    The only time I've seen it is when I activated a new Pre recently. I already had data service when it happened, but for less than an hour probably. Couldn't tell any difference as it was busy pulling the apps down from my profile.
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    It's been over an hour and I now have service on Sprint again. I no longer need to switch to roam only for service.

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