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    im currently stuck out in the middle of nowhere for 2 weeks and have broken my screen on my pre. the phone is still functioning fine and the screen turns on but have no touch function what so ever...does anyone here happen to know how i can turn on Mobile Hotspot through the linux commandline or any alternate way to activate it without the use of the touchscreen...anything possible for me to get a consistant internet would be GREAT!!!
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    You can sometimes get things to come up with the universal search. I'm assuming your keyboard works.

    Open keyboard and start typing the function you want to do and then just try using the keyboard for that. It worked a bit when husband's Pre+ got ran over. Couldn't do everything but it did work for many things.

    Other than that I feel for ya.
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    getting to the mobile hotspot screen isnt the issue...since i dont have use of the screen however i can not slide the action button to turn it on and i need another way to turn it on through commandline or hotkeys or something...
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    Sorry I'm not that well versed in techno stuff. I still feel for ya.
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    thanks a ton! this time out here would just go a lot better if i can find someone with some techy info to help a poor guy out
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    I hope someone gets in here and helps ya.

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