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    I received a replacement Pre today after having some issues with my last one (this is only my third Pre) and I've noticed some major improvements to the hardware over my last Pre. First of all, the slider feels exactly like that of a Pre Plus. There is zero oreo effect what-so-ever. The slider feels very solid and slides smoothly no matter which way you apply presure unlike my last Pre. The keyboard is much clickier just like the Pre Plus. Lastly, the center button is more chrome-y.
    I'm very impressed with the hardware quallity improvements and just thought I would share.
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    yeah..a lot of people have reported the same. Probably new batch of hardware was improved than earlier ones.
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    I thought I was the only one who noticed that!...The slider is solid and the center button is more chromed out!..The battery cover has a part that you insert instead of a part that just clicks in.
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    When I got my 3rd replacement about three months ago I also notice that it had a more chromier center button.
    I love my Pre :P

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    What's the "hardware version?"

    Go to Device Info and hit More Info.
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    i'm on pre number 4 and have hardware version A got it 3 months ago?
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    I also have version A

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    I have hardware version A.
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    I have a launch day Pre and it's version A...

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    Type in ##786# into the phone dialer and see the warranty date code. This usually gives a good idea of manufacture date.
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    my new (2nd) Pre has a better slider, maybe better keyboard, but the chrome horizontal button fell off the 3rd day I had it, so it already looks like a Pre2, lol ;>
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    I just noticed something else of interest. There is a little square on the inside of the bacl cover between the speaker holes and the camera hole that has a number in it. On my old back, it has a 3 in it and on my new back it has a 2 in it. Does anyone know what this means?
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    ehh... my pre is about 3 weeks old, hardware version A, warranty date code 3/2010 brand new-not a refurb. Slider feels ok, but it's got oreo and the screen is hyper sensitive. Unfortunately, it appears that there is still not consistent quality coming out of HPalm factories and it's still a crap shoot whether the phone you get is going to be good or bad. I'm going to try to exchange it today and hope for one of the "good" ones :-)
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    Same here; got a sprint refurb late last month, and it's solid as can be.
    Hardware is also version A. My warranty date is 06/29/2010, and the RECONDATE is 08182010.

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    Awaiting a replacement this monday hopefully it will be solid

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    This is my 7th Sprint Pre. This one is brand new others have been refurbs. Warranty Date Code is 5/14/2010. Everything feels solid except a small twist in the slider. Keyboard feels clicky like Pre Plus. Screen is perfect. Center button is chrome. Overall the phone is a lot more solid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingsofazraell View Post
    Type in ##786# into the phone dialer and see the warranty date code. This usually gives a good idea of manufacture date.
    I have an at&t pre plus, and that code doesn't do anything for me. Is there a different code for the plus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColbyM View Post
    Lastly, the center button is more chrome-y.
    You know I thought I imagined that when I got my replacement in August. LOL!

    My first phone didn't have Oreo effect but this one did but then we figured out someone forgot to tighten these screws that are on the slider (inside the phone) (one fell out which is how I realized that) and now I have no Oreo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fernandez21 View Post
    I have an at&t pre plus, and that code doesn't do anything for me. Is there a different code for the plus?
    I really don't know the # codes for At&t but if you search I'm sure it can be found on here somewhere.
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    hardware version A is the sprint cdma 8 gig 256mb ram phone.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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