YES...I'm a boy that's a fan....If you have totally no life you should go back and listen to the CES 2009 podcasts. I just listened to Engadget's (Podcast numbers 126, 128) for the first time (128 WebOS discussion is near the end around the 50 min mark) and they just GUSHED at how great the OS is, Of course they also thought the TS was cool, and arguably groundbreaking (mine just went belly up after 2 months). It is, it all is, and always has been from the Palm Pilot to now, but the devil is in the details. I'm glad to see that the Pre II is going to be a GSM unit that will launch anywhere but Sprint, but most importantly, that it will be launching in the rest of the world at the same time as the US. There are 6.5ish billion other potential customers, and I think a solid Pre II will be a compelling option for many of them. Here in Taiwan the locals aren't fruit crazy, but do like their HTC Googlyphones. The Pre 1's and TS and the US launch of WebOS can be viewed as a beta. So now, c'mon HP, lets wow the rest of the world, the way Topolsky et al were 18 months ago. This OS launched with cut/paste and multitasking, something M$ or fruitco couldn't do. Ruby said there is room for several OS's in this space. He's right, but not if the underlying hardware leaves many to evangelize their phone's glitches, but not the best OS platform going.