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    Hiya, newbie here (had my pre+ for just under 2 weeks)!

    In Google I have 3 "my calendars" plus tasks, and 3 "other" calendars. One of "my" calendars isn't showing up on my pre, but all the others are. When I go into accounts/preferences, the Calendar is listed there, but when I view the calendar, no info from that one calendar loads.

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    I've occasionally had problems with a Google Calendar getting "confused" or "lost". I've had to remove the Google Account from the Pre Calendar and the re-add it. Something about starting fresh seems to revive it. Bit of a pain since it takes a minute for everything to re-sync, but doesn't seem to happen too often.
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    Thanks, I'll remember that in the future too.

    For now, I worked around it - I didn't really need it as a separate calendar so I just moved those events to a calendar that was loading, and now all is good.

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