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    i'm a verizon user so i have the pre plus, and someone i work with told me i should get get home brew apps and mod my phone. turns out my phone is lacking a cache folder for apps. i'm not sure what it's called off the top of my head but it's stopping me from installing apps from my computer. i whiped my phone and when i set it up again i couldn't find a game i had before that i bought. all i did was copy and paste over all my folders from before i whiped it. can anyone help me out?
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    You have to install Preware using webOS Quick Install then you should be able to install whichever patches you like direct from your phone. As for previously bought apps that don't show up... Just find them again in the app catolog and re-download them again for free.
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    how would i install preware?
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    i have webOS quickInstall open rigth now lol so theres step one.
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    you must have your phone in developer mode. if you are asking these questions, I'd suggest you read up on the process first, just so you have a guide handy:
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamFeenan View Post
    how would i install preware?
    -click this link to download Webos doctor 1.4.5
    -save on your desktop
    -click this link to download webos quickinstall
    save on your desktop
    open quickinstall
    -Go to file -> options
    -click the button that says attempt novacom (re)installation
    -wait for it to finish and hit close now in quickinstall click the green down arrow button
    -click the drop down menu and select webos-internals(pre)
    -find preware, click it and press download button
    -Then you will see it in the main window click it once and press install
    -You should now see it on your Pre

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