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    I have a windows 7 OS. I've tried going to Windows Explorer, and going to properties to edit the titles and album covers. But when I edit the names once a launch the app the name are still the same, and under properties there's no way to change the album art work. Can anyone help me
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    a free program called works pretty well for editing track names, genres and embedding album art works pretty good. There is also a short video on youtube that shows you how to use it thanks to some kid that made the video.
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    I assume we're talking about MP3 files here?

    I'm not sure what Windows Explorer does exactly, but each MP3 file has the option for a bunch of embedded "tags" along with the music, including the cover art. You need a program that can specifically deal with MP3 tags. Lots of folks use one called (not very originally) MP3tag ... should be easy to find, and free ... there's also lots of other ones out there.

    FWIW, this is a general MP3 trait and has nothing specific to do with webOS ... other than the Music app displays the tags (like almost every other MP3 player on the world).
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    An alternative is to drop the mp3's into (the dreaded) iTunes and rename them there.
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