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    i've been patiently getting along fine with my almost 3 year old sprint treo700p, waiting and watching news about the palm pre ever since it was announced. i've been biding my time, hoping a new device would be out soon, frustrated watching pre get plus'd on other carriers, etc. etc. like everyone else.

    now with the palm pre ++ / pre2 teasers, i am trying to decide of whether to get into the pre game NOW while i can get the sprint palm pre for $49 (upgrade price), because i am guessing the new device, when it shows up, ain't gonna be anywhere near $49, upgrade or not.

    the idea being 1) get going with the pre and webos while the cost of entry is low, and 2) ride out my reset upgrade cycle with pre v1 while any kinks in the new device are ironed out.

    fyi, the reasons which i have been a pre/webos holdout is

    1) hardware quality issues
    2) lack of expandable memory
    3) no support for (or alternative to) my favorite app (callrec)

    but i really like what i see about webos, homebrew, and a lot of the apps and am getting tired of waiting.

    curious to hear what the rest of you think... adv-thanks-ance...
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    A better strategy might be to pick up a used Pre and try that. That way you don't burn your upgrade. You're likely to kick yourself if you like webos and more attractive hardware gets released soon.
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    I wouldn't use my upgrade for a phone that's this old. Used ones can be picked up really cheap on Ebay or on here in the sale forum.
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