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    I am having trouble with fox news and espn. When I try and click on the different subjects at the bottom of the page it doesn't do anything. I have been able to use this in the past and for some reason it has stopped working. I ran epr and it didn't fix the problem. I had iphone spoof installed and I uninstalled it and that didn't work either. My last option is to run the DR. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I just tried from my Pre and had no problem.

    Have you tried the WebOS repair utility?
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    I haven't tried the repair utility, I am on my way to work so will do in the morning. I forgot to mention but these are the mobile sites. I can't view images when I search for pics on googles mobile site. It works on the full version though. Thanks for the help.
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    Welcome and hopefully someone else will pop-in with some more ideas.
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    I ran the repair utility and problem solved. Thanks verwon!

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