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    My Sprint Pre is acting up in a weird way. Often when I use the phone, the screen brightness will be cranked way up. If I turn the screen off and on again (or bring it up without or with the slider) it'll go back to it's normal brightness level. Now the fun part... I swapped to a "new" phone and it's doing the same thing.

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    I've had 2 Pre's and they've both done the same thing, only mine will dim down for no reason & then back up, as I keep my brightness jacked up to full all the time. Haven't a clue why they do it.
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    Mine does too. I think they all do it. Something to do with the utterly useless light sensor, I believe.
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    Mine does it as well, but I always thought it was patch related since I homebrewed my phone within a few days of getting it.
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    Yea, mine have all done this too. so annnnoying.
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    GSM pre same thing.
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    Part of it may be due to the ambient light sensor will automatically adjust the screen brightness to different light day/night or sun/shade (Also controls the auto-flash function).

    However I have also experienced my Sprint Pre coming on at full brightness, clicking the power button and turning the screen on again it is back to normal brightness.

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    yeah, just a webos bug, nothin to worry about
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