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    Hi, I hope that someone can respond with a useful answer. I have been trying to get a number of short video files I have downloaded from YouTube, transferred to my Palm Pre from my PC. I managed to transfer the folder, but later when I checked the phone, I could not locate it on any of the phone's screens. While I have the phone hooked up to my PC as a USB drive I can view the file folder. After disconnecting I can't find the files on the phone. The video folder that came with the phone shows no files at all. I found a note on one of the forums which says that the phone software will not play material that is not compatible. How do I determine what are compatible files and get them to play? How do I determine where on the phone the folder ends up when I move them over from the PC? Do I need to get some type of player software loaded on the phone? I am not extremely tech savvy, so keeping the answer on the simplistic side would be useful. Thanks...Miguel Gonzalez, Pre owner
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    You can probably use Handbreak on PC or Mac (free) to convert the files into a format that will be recognized. I found selecting the iPod Touch format works great on the Pre.
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    You will need to use a program like Handbreak (which is free and works very well) to convert the files into the proper format. The supported formats on the Palm Pre are MPEG-4, H.263 & H.264 which handbreak will be able to do (just use the ipod/iphone options while converting videos)

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    did you download them from within the yputube player on the phone?
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    the video file must be a .mp4 (h.263 & h264) same as iphone or ipods use.. (not: .avi, .mpg, .mpeg) You need a video file converter (they're free) and convert the video file you have into the proper .mp4 video file

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