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    ...and now I have a couple nicks down in the gesture area. Any tips to remove them? (Of course I could just wait for the Plus Plus ... now I have an excuse!)
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    Why did you take the protector off? Or was it peeling? I had my protector on for a year and man did it look bad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Why did you take the protector off? Or was it peeling? I had my protector on for a year and man did it look bad!
    I had left my phone face-down in a dirty golf cart bin, and after four hours the Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard was scratched beyond readability. Good thing I had it on, because the screen was immaculate.

    Bought a Skinomi Techskin to replace it (lifetime free replacement), but haven't had the chance to put it on yet. Directions say you need to leave the phone off for 12 hours after application.
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    You'll notice once you put a screen protector on those little nicks will disappear again.
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    Is that the kind of protector like best-buy sells i hate them things they are sticky or takie to the touch No reason you should have to have the phone off for 12 hours for a screen protector lol I use ones made out of 3M PET film mine is a year old been on to pres and is great still hard as hell to scratch you may want to look in to one of them bad boys
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    check out the Skinomi review I did on here with pics...
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    Zagg is the best. It has a lifetime warranty & you can get one on the Zagg site for just $ 3.75 ! Hellava great price.
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    phantom skins are my fav. they are not as hard as the zagg and look just as good !!
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    I just got paint of my shield. its just a little drop in the middle of the screen.
    Definitely leaving it on until i can get it replaced. I cannot stand having the slightest scratch. (even though i do have ONE stuck pixel. Normally wouldnt bother but since i know where it is....... )
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