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    I searched for this one but had no luck; perhaps I might be using the wrong terms. I have a Verizon Pre Plus. When I open the browser I hit the globe icon in the quick launch bar and it goes to a page that has several small "cards" with a picture of the website. I then have to swipe down on the upper left, then tap the bookmarks line. What's the right name for these cards. How do I control what shows up on the cards and what goes to bookmarks?
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    Those are your bookmarks!
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    By default, that first page that shows up when you launch the Browser will display your top twelve bookmarks. You can change their order by going into the Broswer menu, tapping 'Bookmarks', and reordering the list. There is no current way to hide certain bookmarks on the startpage besides moving them down the list so they aren't in the top twelve...
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    Thanks! I never realized that those little pages were my first 12 bookmarks. I'll re-order them now; with Pre Central on top of course!
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