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    In recent days my VZW Pre Plus with the UberKernel running at 600/1000 screenstate has been showing some odd behavior. Also, it's been wanting to heat up more than when I first started using the UK, and the cooldown seems to be taking longer.

    Feeling nervous about this, I decided to nuke the UberKernel AND Govnah today and return the phone to its "native" 500 MHz state...except for all the other patches, of course. I thought using the phone after the removal would be pretty painful, but in reality it's not so bad. Sure, it was faster with the UK--that cannot be denied--but I was starting to feel uncomfortable about the phone's longevity with that much strain being put on its insides. I'd rather have a phone that's a bit slower last me many months, than a blazing fast one last just a few months with the opportunity for warranty replacement an unsure proposition.

    Have any of you ventured to go back to a stock-speed Pre/Pre Plus after overclocking? I'd be interested in your thoughts.
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    You could have just said Going Stock, no need to bring an outdated expression into the mix.

    It's all a preference, really. All I know is that everytime I doctor my phone, it's far too long and a memory hog to be used. Even at 800mhz and the memory tweak, if I'm listening to music and decide to pop open the web or Sprint Nav, the apps going to stutter. If I'm unlucky, guaranteed the UI's going to freeze and I'm going to have to pop open JsTop whenever I'm able and clear some launcher memory. At this point, if the phone just flat out dies, I'll either use my upgrade to something else or just buy a used one out somebody at Precentral/Ebay.
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    I don't really apply -- haven't had the guts yet to overclock in the first place. I've been jealous of the increased speed everyone else gets, but, seeing as how getting my Pre+ was an expensive / not easy solution (GSM Pre+ in Canada), I figured I need to treat it well.

    I have to tip my hat to Metaview (Ubercalendar), Sconix, the WebOS Internals people, Jason R & the rest of the Homebrew community: their other patches have really made a big difference for my stock-kernel Pre. Even though I might be running slower than some, I still think Palm has an amazing thing going with WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    You could have just said Going Stock, no need to bring an outdated expression into the mix.
    OP... I dropped back the 'native' settings for a short period a while back. I could not wait to get the OC kernel and Govnah back on my Pre! I've been running the F105 Thunderchief for a few months now and couldn't stand going back to stock again. I have no more TMC errors at all, my device runs smooth and fast, and apps load quickly. No way I would want to go back again - been there, done that!
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    you could have just run the uberkernal at 500 so you could have the option to speed up when needed. It helps with the TMC errors if you have a sprint pre.
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    But at least it enables you to get work done twice as fast.
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    Yeah, I ran my Pre at stock speed right after the 1.4.5 update for a while, and then went right back to OC.

    I honestly think your temp problems are not with the overclocking. I would say that they might have to do with other issues. Overclocking a CPU is relatively safe, and it might shorten the life of your CPU but a CPU can also last much longer than a human being.
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    I've tried uberkernel twice, didn't see much use for me to have it so I'm rolling stock right now
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    sometimes i wonder and think about if my screenstate 500/800 OC is doing any harm to my phone... Ive had my Pre Plus for about a month now, the first 2 weeks i had it, i kept it stock (was unsure about OC'ing and the harm it COULD do".

    The past 2 weeks i've had my phone it has been OC to screenstate 500/800, the first 3 days i had uberkernal it was at 500/720 (i got "brave" lol).

    I havnt noticed any temp differences from it being stock at 500mhz, and i'd say 85% of the day my Pre's screen is off so it's at 500mhz for the majority. I work 8am-5pm and play with my phone when i get home.

    I'm still not 100% sure if its doing any harm at all.. i guess since i havnt really come across " Oh no! Uberkernal Blew my phone up!" threads.. and some people have been running the UK for at least a year now.. i feel safe keeping it at 500/800.

    EDIT: oh, and the 800mhz speed is definitely noticeable enough for me to keep it and enjoy my phone even more , Love how opening everything is practically instant.
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    I have a Sprint launch day Pre; OC'ed my phone to 600Mhz when Smartflex and Scaling were first made available, but that wasn't too stable. Installed Uberkernel and OC'ed with 800Mhz screenstate as soon as that came out and then moved to 1Ghz screenstate when that became available.

    Never had a single issue, knock on wood, but I'll never go back to stock.

    At the end of the day smartphones are disposable in my book. I'll use the heck out of it and upgrade every couple of years. (Every 12 months thanks to Sprint, if worthwhile new hardware is available that is.)

    EDIT: Hell, Sprint will even pay me an additional $23 for my current Pre as part of their buyback program. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Sprint is only the 3rd largest U.S. carrier. But that's probably because I live in Chicago where their coverage is flawless as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    You could have just said Going Stock, no need to bring an outdated expression into the mix.
    Oh for God's sake...wait, that's OK to say, right?
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    Hmm...more love for stock than I thought there would be, and aside from the silliness over my original thread title, some pretty good discussion.

    That said...I just overclocked my phone again.

    I reflected on my decision to return to stock kernel, then remembered I only paid $30 for the phone, and also considered that my phone, for the largest part of the day, was excruciating to use. Yep, spoiled by the UberKernel. Oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long Laozi (Tao Te Ching)
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    Sorry, couldn't help it.

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    to the OP...I ran govnah & overclocked for a while but removed in anticipation of the 1.4.5 release. I never went back afterward tho mainly for battery reasons. Also I didn't think the speed gains were worth it anyway (although it was nice to run webos at that speed)
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    i say it wont last long !
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    I'm one of the few who notices a fairly substantial battery life difference between UK and stock kernels. Even when I run UK at 500 MHz there is a difference. For the life of me, I have no idea why. It should be the same. It just isn't.

    So I go stock for a while. Then I forget how much the battery life means to me and crave some speed, so I do UK. Then I forget how much the speed means to me and crave some better battery life, so I go stock. And so on.
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    I went stock before 1.45, then left it there for a while. Mainly it was TMC that sent me back. Then I almost went stock again for battery life, but decided for a Seidio 2600 instead. My phone is now super fast and I never worry about the juice. It's as though I went out and bought a new phone.
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    Simple. JFC.
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