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    I overclocked my pre to 1.2GHz for many months until i had to change it (not due to over clocking but because the powerbutton decided to break ) since then my new pre is a weak one and can only handle 1 ghz. No complaints about life of the phone though. I havent yet read a post about someone's pre dying due to overclocking (Im not saying there arent any, i missed any that were posted) But its rare, and to me its worth taking the risk because overclocking puts our more-than-a-year-old phone at par with the new Androids and iPhones and thats a good feeling
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    I switch it up, but recently I have noticed the UberKernal going AWOL and overclocking to 1ghz without my consent, ill put it on 500/800 and I notice down the line its at 1ghz. So I've been running at 500mhz with the UberKernal, considering that it has been optmized, its really not that bad.
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    What was the original tile? How could it possibly require a hissy fit?
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    Enough about the former title. It's been changed. Back to the topic at hand.
    Palm III-->Handspring Visor-->Sony Clie PEG-NR70-->no PDA -->Palm Treo 755p-->Palm Pre-->HP Veer
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Enough about the former title. It's been changed. Back to the topic at hand.
    Have you tried Thunderchief. UK was draining my battery faster than I could appreciate.
    For some reason Thunder does not.
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    using a stock pre isn't an option...this. Phone sucks. Stock...the world agrees..palm folded didn't they?
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    If I were a MOD, I'd agree...
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