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    Where are some good places to preview and download some new sounds online? I don't know what I want, so I just want to preview tones and such that are not Jamster-like. Simple tones

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    Here's a popular site: Myxer
    (free and easy to use)
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    Not what I'm looking for..
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    there is a big section on they work very well. there are also a couple of apps in the app catalog.
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    Myxer - Ringtones - Alerts & Alarms - tagged with "sound effects"

    ^^really? If not, then what are you looking for?
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    Ok... but instead of just saying that it would be helpful if you described what it is you are looking for then.... If you are looking for simple tones, did you look at the link I gave and look under the 'Sound effects' or 'alerts & alarms' sections? There are some very basic alert tones located there.

    You can try also... or simply do a Google Search for "simple ringtones" and you will get hundreds of sites.
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    I use for my non selective contacts. I downloaded it from my music collection so you can always go through your to see what you like.

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