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    I don't understand how this could happen but I am loosing contacts over the last couple of days!?!

    I use Chapura Pocket Mirror and haven't been able to back up the phone via Outlook, etc. since going to Office 2010 about 2 months ago.

    My (cloud) back up is current and happening daily.

    Nothing else has changed and I can't figure out why. For example, I have twelve locations (stores) that are all in the Pre. I also use "Quick Contacts" for a dialer. The numbers and stores have been in my Pre since June 2009, as of today there were only six stores left, although "Quick Contact" still has them in the dialer program but nothing in the phone... From what I can tell, I am missing over 100 contacts completely.

    Any thoughts...

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    Are your contacts synced with anything (gmail, exchange server....) or are they all in the Palm Profile?

    You have rebooted within the last month?
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    I have a scheduled reboot daily and I am not syncing to anything else; only Outlook through Chapura and the profile.
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    Wonder if it has anything to do with a wonkered Palm Profile (considering you haven't Chapura'd in a few months. This isn't an issue I have come across, complete deletion yes, but not one at a time.

    I'd say skip the Chapura, go with Synergy and see if that fixes it up but clearly you bought Chapura for a reason.
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    now... surprisingly enough, my wifes' contact nfomration is gone. When she called earlier today her picture came up and told me it was her. Called me a couple of minutes ago and all I got was her phone number.

    I just don't know what to think


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