Is there any way to view the entire text of the Calendar location field (without installing additional patches or software)?

I'm in a corporate environment where the Calendar location fields are often too long to display because it contains meeting rooms, bridge numbers, conference codes, etc... I've installed the location word wrap patch, and that works nicely. However, I'm trying to find a solution that works for "regular" Palm users in my company without requiring a patch or additional software.

I've searched previous threads on the topic and I know one workaround is to click on the location field and do a Select-All, then Copy the text into the Event Notes area or some other application.

Is there any other way? I'm just looking for an easy, straighforward way for folks to just view the entire text so they can write down the location details on paper.

It sounds like this has been a limitation for a loooong time and I can't believe that Palm hasn't addressed this by now.