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    I have had my palm pre plus for about 6 months and and have been having issues with connectivity.

    The issue is the phone drops the internet connection or does not always share it. my pc always connects to the phone and i will either get the double monitor with the globe display at the bottom right of my screen or just the double monitors. When I move my mouse over the icon it will tell me that my access is either local and internet or just local connection.

    I have the latest updates on my Pre. any ideas what the problem could be? I have this problem with any pc that i connect.

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    Are you on Verizon or AT&T? It could be a case of your service provider dropping the connection.
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    Verizon. I have noticed that it does work better after i restart my phone. Although i have also noticed that when this happens the phone has a good 3G connection. There are time when i don't have good signal but either way, it's when i do have good signal.

    have also noticed that every so often, i have to re set the password and network name in the hot spot app because it tells me that there is no sharing service.
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    I have the same issue on my Pre Plus. Usually I wait a minute after activating the hotspot and keep clicking around until it works.

    I should mention that different devices react to the phone differently. My iPod Touch will almost always get WiFi on the first try, but my Wii and sister's laptop are a bit more fickle (for example, if I keep the connection open by jumping around on wikipedia with my iPod Touch, I'll never have to buffer Netflix on my Wii. If I don't use the iPod, my Wii takes a few minutes to connect to my pre before it begins to buffer).

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    I can't get my Wii to connect to it AT ALL. It's weird, everything else connects to it perfectly. Other smartphones, computers, etc. But the Wii acts strange. The Pre says that it connects and then it disconnects right away and the Wii gives me a strange error code. Anybody know why this may be happening? I don't even want to play games online with it. I just want to update the Wii and possibly stream Netflix. I know Netflix runs with the mobile hotspot fine because it runs on my computer surprisingly smooth.

    But really...what's the big deal?

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