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    when i go into preware and try to install a theme it loads the theme then when its almost done it says error installing: see IPKG Log. then it gives me the option to go to IPKG Log or just hit ok. how do i get my preware to install themes
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    you have to check and make sure you dont already have a theme or patch that modifies those same files
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    alwaystoned420, HAHAHAHA love the name!

    I can't get my phone to accept Themes either. I have tried a couple, but dont really know where to start. the preware app is so easy to load things, but there aren't themes there. So If I download a theme from this site and save it to my computer and then install it through webosquick installer, it doens't do anything. not sure what the problem is.

    Am I stupid? Am I doing this all wrong?
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    got it. found out that in preware on your phone, click the top left of the streen for the drop down, then go to manage feeds, and then scroll down and turn on the precentral themes (or the other but I did precentral only since I have looked at them on this site). Works like a charm.

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