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    So all of a sudden, when I click a link in the Facebook app (username, notification, etc) all of a sudden the browser opens to go to the link in the browser instead of in the app. I installed internalz recently, would it be related? If not anyone else run into this?
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    Me too, weird.
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    It's to do with Facebook changing the way notifications work since the new photo upload/tag system went live. The developers are aware of it and say a fix will be in the next release.

    Source is the official "Facebook for WebOS" Facebook page which is where the answers invariably are when people come here asking questions about the Facebook app...
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    Thanks Steven. I'm going to Like it now.
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    I Was Thinking The Same Thing Today, Thanks For The Update.

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    Wow, hope they get it fixed soon, this stinks :-(
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    It is annoying!
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    Thanks for the answer! Hope it's fixed soon.
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    I won't even use the app until this is fixed. It is that annoying.
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    forreal...mines doing the same...needs too be fixed soon
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    I am also noticing that the feeds are not updating properly... I have to open the app, let it load, then hit refresh and that doesn't even always works. Suck when something works, then they "improve" it, then it breaks, then they fix it again, lol.
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    it's still jumping to the top too, sometimes almost as quickly as I swipe down.
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    Same thing happening to me on my unmolested Pixi. I assumed it was something to do with FB. Glad to know the app will be fixed.
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    It's been broken for a while. They say they will fix it, but the question is when?
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    Oh thanks...I thought I was going crazy when it started doing this for me.
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    Good to hear it's a bug with FB and not my phone! Here's to hoping for a release soon...
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    This same behavior is randomly occurring on the desktop version. Don't think it's strictly an issue with the Facebook App.
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