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    So I'm running 1.4.5 and I launch the updates app and..... nothing. Spin and spin and spin. Anyone fix this? I found an older thread that had someone asking about that, but he wasn't answered. Any new info on this issue?

    Sprint Pre 1.4.5 running Homebrew and a handful of patches.
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    Is this an ongoing issue or just today?
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    I've noticed it for the last month or so at least. Potentially longer. I run Preware for app updates a lot, the official updater not as often.
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    If you open the app cat and hit the shopping bag, do things update that way properly?
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    Yes I was able to update Poster and SPBTV manually like that. I'll skip the Hotspot update :-)

    I assume they will push the next OS update so if there isn't an easy fix I can just update like this in the future. Thanks for the advice.

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