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    Hi all,

    I know I should be able to figure this out (especially because I'm not REALLY a newbie), but...

    When I tap the upper right mode area, I get the menu with phone, wifi, bluetooth, GPS (and flashlight -- I've got one of the apps loaded that gives that).

    On the Phone menu, I get that "phone radio" is on or off.

    But what does "data usage" on/off mean?

    And what does "roam only" on/off mean?

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    data usage is your 3G/EVDO connection, when you shut it off you will no longer get any signals transmitted to/from your phone, ie emails, facebook notifications etc as for roam, it's been so long since I've even heard of a roaming call here in Canada, I can't tell you, sorry
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    Data is essentially your connection to the Internet via the cellular modem.

    Roam only, when on, will cause your phone radio to only use the available roaming network...likely of little use to you as a VZW customer.
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    Data Usage: do you want to be connected to the Internet? If yes then ON, if no then OFF.

    Roam Only: if ON, Don't use Home carrier, only use other carriers. If OFF then it will use your home carrier when available, and other carriers when it can't find a good connection to your home carrier. Some people that get a bad signal at a particular location from their home carrier will turn this on because they get a better signal on a roaming carrier.
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    Before I got an Airave, I always turned Roam Only on when I got home because I got a lousy Sprint signal, but a great VZW signal at my house. When Sprint saw my roaming usage when I was at home, they gave me the Airave for free!

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