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    I'm kinda copying dbd here with the thread title. So all credit goes to dbd for the dot thing.

    But anyways,

    My messaging app has been a little crazy. I don't know what has caused this, but whenever I add an IM account such as gTalk, the buddies page is all screwed up. First of all it takes years to log on and load all the contacts, and then as an added bonus I'm not able to change my status message or change from available to busy or offline. If I want to log off gTalk, I have to turn off my wifi or phone data connection, which is a pain because I usually use the internet for other things too. My friends told me that my status is something that I put on around july, but I'm can't change it because my messaging app is screwed up.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? I know I can doctor but that's going to be my last resort because I don't want to redo all my homebrew magic I've done to this phone.

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    It does take a pretty long time when you first add an account. The thing to do is remove your accounts, then add them back one at a time. After each account, wait until your messaging app becomes responsive and you see your full buddy list. Just leave the card open and do something else while it's grinding away. When it finishes, you should have proper operation again. Just give it time to finish. Good luck.
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    i have tried that, but i still cant change my status message or my availability
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    it's time to take a trip to the doctor?..
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    first try the WebOSRepairUtility

    Then, if that doesnt work:

    1) download Save/Restore

    Application:SaveRestore - WebOS Internals

    Save all of your app settings, ESPECIALLY Preware. (You will see where I am going with this)

    2) Doctor your phone, do NOT wipe the drive though.

    3)Install Preware, then Save/Restore, Zip, and Unzip

    4) Restore Prewares settings in Save/Restore

    5) In Preware, go to the drop down menu and "Saved Package List"

    6) Click Install All. Preware will now automatically reinstall all of your patches, themes and homebrew apps automagically.

    7) Restore all of your apps settings in Save/Restore

    You now have a nice, freshly installed phone, with all of your homebrew reinstalled, all without having to go through and manually re-add it yourself.

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    ugh.. i guess ill have to do this guys.. ill post back after im done

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