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    I'm having a problem lately where when I dial a number & start talking I get an echo of what I am saying on my ear piece. The people I'm talking to don't seem to hear it, but it is REALLY annoying to me.
    Anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it? I'm not sure what is causing it, hardware, software, ... This is my 2nd Pre, got my first a month after launch.


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    Hi Mike,

    this normally is a problem caused by your network provider. I also have this problem sometines. I spoke a word and could hear myself afer I finished it. Really annoying. But that only occured when using it in Switzerland with a prepaid card from Orange. In my german O2 GSM net it never occured...

    How long is the delay in your case? Does it also occur when you call the mailbox?


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    i've also had this issue. comes and gos. it blows.
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    Yes, extremely annoying, as it's almost impossible to keep track of what you're saying when it keeps getting echoed back to you.

    I've only ever had this issue when talking with someone using an iPhone or who has me on a speakerphone of some sort. In every case telling them to reduce their volume solves it by preventing their phone's mic from picking up and retransmitting what I'm saying.
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    I have this problem sometimes. I agree it must be the provider and not the phone because I have experienced it on phones previous to my Pre.

    if I lower my volume it seems to help.
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    It happens to me when I am talking on my Sprint Pre to anyone on the AT&T network, Iphone or otherwise.

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    I'm on ATT and I've been having the problem - I want to say since the 1.4.5 update, but I don't know if it's related. Definitely didn't have the problem before.

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