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    lately my sprint palm pre has been crashing. sometimes it happens when i open a app, and sometimes I'll go to wake my phone up from the home screen and my phone will be off and i will have to power it on, sometimes i won't even power on and I'll have to do a battery pull but even then i sometimes get a black screen with the back light on and nothing else happening( doesn't even start to load up and power on) i think my phone is dying on me for a while is started turning off when i closed it but that stopped magically lol but now this. I'm heading over to sprint to probably get another one tomorrow, has this happened to anyone?
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    sounds like a battery issue to me. Get your battery replaced as a test and see if this issue is fixed.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    that is funny you mention that, i swapped my battery last night and haven't had any issues yet, hopefully it was just that

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