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    Since there isn't a way to sync music to my Pre, I just copied all of my computer's music over to the music folder on my Pre. In WMP I had all of my album art, artists, genres, etc. organized. After adding it to my Pre though, it's all unorganized and I don't have any of that now.

    So I went into my computer and tried actually changing the file details within the Pre, still didn't work.

    I really want my music organized Is there maybe a homebrew app that lets you do this?
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    You'll have to properly tag your music using MediaMonkey or something like Mp3Tag.
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    There are actually a few ways you can sync music to your Pre.

    1) Download a program like MediaMonkey or Songbird that works basically like iTunes to organize and tag your music and it can officially sync with the Pre

    2) If you don't mind using an older version of iTunes, 9.01 I believe it is, the Pre whenn in Media Sync mode can fool the program so that it transfers music to the Pre as if it were an iPod.

    3) You could download a mp3 tagging program and tag all your music and continue to just drag-and-drop in USB mode.

    I hope one of these solutions is what you're looking for.
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    I have all of my music properly tagged, and it sorts the music fine on the Pre (I just drag and drop too), but album art is 50/50. Sometimes it has album art, sometimes not. I haven't been able to discern a pattern as to when it will have art and when it will not.
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    All of mine have album art embeded using Mp3Tag and show up on the Pre.
    Well, actually I access my mp3z via an Ampache Server, but they all show album art.
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    I personally use doubletwist to sync music to my pre, works pretty well.
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    I'm right with you, mate.
    I've even tried Double Twist: no luck. And I can't use an older version on iTunes, thanks to my mom having an iPhone (requires newer versions).
    Nevertheless, this really stumps me! I have all the proper information embedded, I did it myself, and it works with every other device!
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    I don't believe there is a perfect answer for this. I still use iTunes to tag and label my music. But everyone here has really good suggestions. There is no patch for this. We can try and bug Palm/HP for a built-in solution for music organization and software for future editions for HP webOS.

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