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    im thinking about getting the palm pre plus. my lg xenon that i have now is absolute junk.. i was wanting something like the iphone or the blackberry torch. i didnt like the idea of a completely touch screen iphone and everyone has them. and the blackberrys a little more expensive. then i came across the palm pre plus and got ot reading about them im kind of liking them. i like how you can download different themes and apps which is the only part i liked about the iphone. so now im down to either the palm pre plus or the samsung impression. the samsung impression forum has a lot of info on hacking the crap out of them.

    one of my biggest concerns of the next phoen i get is customization and privacy.

    is there anyway you can set the palm pre plus to require a password to see pictures or texts or anything liek that? third party or anything?

    can someone give me some pros and cons of the customization and privacy on the palm pres?
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    yes. This is the most customizable and overclockable phone you will find.
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    what about options for privacy and psswords?
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    you can password protect the whole thing with the Screen & Lock settings app, or there is "homebrew" apps that will lock up just certain pics. Not sure about texts, tho.
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    is there anything you all dont like about the phones? ive heard things about battery life?
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    I have a pre plus along with the iphone 4. The pluses over the iphone are that it more reliable as a phone, webos is better than ios in my opinion, and the touchstone. However the baterry ismuch worse, the screen on the iphone is so much nicer, and the are aolt more apps available. The keyboard on the pre is ok, on par with the iphones touchscreen keyboard actually, though the iphone has a better correction text. If webos or call reliablity are the deal breaker, def go for the pre, everything else is better on the iphone.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.

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