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    When I miss a call, or I'm busy and hit the down volume button to send a call to voicemail, my Pre Plus will continue to chirp at me that I missed a call, which I saw, and then didn't want to answer. This is super annoying. Is there any way so that I can make my phone just alert me once and not every 2 minutes or whatever it's set to? Is there a setting I'm missing? I have PreWare, and I didn't find anything using that to address this. Can anyone direct me where to go to change this? It makes me want to throw the thing at the wall.

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    Have you tried just swiping away the notification?
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    If you want to send a call to voice mail right away, i.e. ignore the call, push the power button twice. Pushing the volume down button has the same effect as pushing the power button once which is to just mute the ringer. Ignoring the call shows you a temporary notification that you ignored the call and the caller is immediately sent to voicemail, while muting the ringer results in a missed call notification and the caller waiting the full number of rings before being sent to voicemail.
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    LOL. ya there is a patch that will stop all Missed called/droped calls/ End calls noises, I think it's probably the worst/stupid feature Palm put in webos and should take it away, Maybe a vibrate would of been a little better but ya having your phone make noises every time you do something on your phone is stupid. I'll have to look for the Patch.

    Update :

    The Patch is called Disable Various Phone Sounds.
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    Ah, thanks for the suggestion, Greg, but this is a bit different, I think. This is after I hit the ignore button, and my phone registers that I missed a call, it will tell me, continuously, that I missed a call, every 2 minutes. I did get the patch, and it doesn't seem to have changed my situation much.
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    hah! I'm an ***** ;-) I had downloaded the notification repeat patch and forgot about it. So many patches, so little brain space

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