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    Quick background: recently switched from a Pre Plus to a Pixi Plus. In short, it was a big mistake. Beautiful phone, runs horribly. Don't do it.

    On a recent phone call I decided to switch to the camera app to take a picture [I know the Pixi doesn't take good pics, but I wanted to anyway]. Once the camera came up, my call was muted and [to my surprise] my friend hung up on me after a few minutes of trying to take a picture.

    I pulled up Pandora and then played some music. Then I switched to the camera app. Pandora stopped playing music. Consistently happens on Palm Pixi.

    Bottom line: I know that the camera likes to play shutter sounds, and video recording would definitely need speaker control. But for taking pictures? I thought that my old Palm Pre could take a picture without muting my calls and my music.

    So here's what I'm asking: does your Palm Pre camera mute your music or your calls? Maybe my memory's fuzzy, but I can't remember my Pre having this problem.
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    i'm on pre plus.
    camera indeed stops all audio playback.
    va savoir...
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    yup, it stops it.
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    I have a Sprint Pre.

    It's the same case with me too. Camera does stop all other music.
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    yep definitely stops the audio for me. This seems to be a must cause think about how fast it switches from camera to video. When tha camera starts up it probably just prepares the phone for whatever.
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    sure does on my sprint pre too
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    Huh. I can't believe I didn't notice that...oh well.
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    This has been addressed before on the forums. Here are a couple of previous threads:
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)

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