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    So i plug my phone into my aux in my car to listen to podcasts and stuff, but when i phone call comes in it cuts off the podcasts which is good, but when i take the phone call I can hear them thru my car speakers but they can not hear me. Whats the deal with this.?

    My guess, The phone turns off the mic when you are using 3.5m jack.

    It must think that it's a cord that has a mic on it or something. Any way i can turn this off.

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    check the PATCH REQUEST I just bumped in the new seems to work for some people, so not sure why it isn't working for you and me.
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    It depends. Earbuds come with microphones built in for the Pre, so I think that Pre tries to get both input and output through the aux port.

    This happened to me when I plugged my Pre via 3.5mm into a nice set of speakers and then tried to take a call. People sounded great, but I couldn't talk to them.

    So I *think* that doesn't work.

    You know what's weird though? I have a pair of nice Shure earbuds [no mic], and I'm pretty sure that when I plug them into 3.5mm, I can still talk to the Pre through the speaker. It's weird.

    YMMV, but I'm pretty sure for most cases this trick doesn't work.

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