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    today i had the weirdest reset ever. I was listening to some music with the default music app and all of a sudden it froze. I had to pull the battery out and back in to reset. It booted up and everything was normal untill i saw the home screen with the default wallpaper...

    Somehow the pre managed to erase EVERYTHING from the memory, all pictures gone, all music gone, all 3rd party apps gone. The only things remaining were the theme (it still looks like before, just without the wallpaper) and the patches, and all the settings and personal info (contacts, bookmarks, emails, all data from default apps is there). Other than that, it felt like it did a "hard reset". Any ideas of what might have been the cause of this?

    I had the Pre overclocked at 1Gh with Govnah (was set on demand 500M-1G) but i doubt this would trigger such kind of event on the Pre

    BTW, not big deal, didnt lose anything important, just wanted to know what causes this, to avoid it in the future ;D
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    There's pretty much no way to avoid it. I guess, not pulling the battery out and just waiting for it to unfreeze will be a good idea. Hence i have save/restore, so i can restore all my user data if this happens. I would believe that if you abruptly pull the battery out of any phone while i might be doing something important in the background, you'll get the same results. So i just let it do its thing.
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    Overclocking = bad. No way around it. Those that have not had trouble yet probably will soon.

    That said, I recently had to do a battery-pop reset and had no problems in the aftermath. Though I will say when I first got my Pre (Verizon release day), the sales rep told me that Verizon sent out a notice telling people not to do a battery-pop reset, though they didn't say why, or how to work around a frozen Pre.

    So I guess its a crap-shoot. I suppose the only other way is to let the battery run dry.
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    Overclocking is not bad. You can't point to overclocking and blame it for all issues that happen to a device. Stuff like this has been reported as happening well before OC ever came around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuckk View Post
    Overclocking = bad. No way around it. Those that have not had trouble yet probably will soon.
    Wow! Where did you get this info?
    Source please. I'd also like to know what experience you have with overclocking because this kind of statements is as irresponsible as you can get on this forum.
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    Yes, im not sure it was OC, and as i said before, i have my doubts overclocking can do this. OC is tweaking the CPU not the storage space so it actually makes little sense :/

    Now about the battery reset, i have done it a handfull of times, and never had a problem with it. That is why i was curious about this one time. At least for me, is very strange to have a device getting its memory ereased just because of a reset. Nevertheless, it is not a hard drive but flash memory, so maybe thats it. Is the first time i experience this type of problem.

    I still have to ask myself, do i get another -more reliable- device to have all my media? (is actually the only thing i lost) or i just try again with my pre? As of now, it still has the 7GB free

    And thanks for the imput guys, i appreciate
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    couldn't this be a remote wipe Palm administered? One time (before I overclocked) I performed a soft reset, which I like to do about once a day to start fresh, and when my phone powered up ALL my phone was reset! Contacts, pictures, file folders, videos, memos! It was really frustrating it was like that for HOURS and then I decided to try a hard reset so I can sign into my Palm profile and maybe some stuff would resync. Some things did, contacts and pics (of course) didn't. It was weird. I decided to open up a gmail account and use that as my default mail and calendar I'll always be able to atleast save my contacts and sync with any phone just my story...
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    if i "erase apps and data" in the reset menu, will i lose my games' saves?

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