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    Ok, I've read through a lot of Google Calendar Sync issues, but most were from back in 2009. My boss shares a calendar with all of my coworkers and assigns employees to certain events. Sometimes my boss changes those who are assigned to the events and those changes don't show up on my Pre even though they are definitely on the calendar on my PC. Also, certain new events will never show up either. I haven't figured out a pattern for which new events don't sync but NONE of the updated events will sync.

    Just wondering if anyone could offer some up-to-date help?
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    I've noticed that if you add an event on the google calendar web site, the initail event syncs. But... if you go onto the google calendar web site and change the time of the event, the change will not be synced with the pre. I found that I have to do the following: 1. Go the the updated event on google web and select "maybe" attending. 2. Manually delete the old event from my pre. 3. Go back to the google web site and change attending to "yes". The new event will then sync to the pre.

    Seems like the pre wants you to delete the original event and create a new one instead of changing an initial one. I'm going to experiment with "duplicate event" in google to see if this helps. Then would just have to remember to delete the old event. Still not the desired result, though.

    So... I ask the same question... anyone know why and if there is a fix. Otherwise, Android is looking better and better every day.
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    OK... did some experimenting. It looks like the google calendar on the pre must have sharing management rights under google calendar settings. Meaning, if your google calendar synced to your pre is called "mygoogle" and the calendar your boss uses is called "bosscalendar", then your boss is giving "mygoogle" permission to view events through the "bosscalendar" google settings. The pre gets those "view only" events initially, but when the event is changed, it seems like the pre wants management rights to the google calendar that originally assigned the event before it will move the event on the pre. So... if you want the sync to work perfectly with a shared calendar, it seems like there are only 2 choices:
    1. The boss doesn't want to give your calendar management rights in which case the boss must create a new event (on google web site) from scratch and delete the old one. (Although, duplicating the event works as well, but the boss must remember to go back to the old one to delete it).

    2. The boss must give all individual usere sharing access under google calendar settings.

    That's the way I see it. I could be wrong, so I'm happy to hear if my thinking is way out of whack.
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    it's also happening to me, so it might be beneficial to pass this along to palm support on their forums so they can work towards resolving it. Just an idea, anywho.
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    Calendar issues notwithstanding, Google Calendar has been having service disruptions and outages for the past several days - paid and free versions (I use both) are not working as expected. We’re on day 6 of craptacular service, and outages are still being posted on Google’s Status Dashboard. Chill out for a few days, the service isn’t up to snuff right now IMO.

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