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    Hi guys, I just got my pre last week and am loving it! save for the wobbly slider I was wondering if there was a preware app that allowed for when the pre is in the docking station to receive mail etc (as it comes) and then when its undocked the settings change to manual/every hour or whatever you have it set to. I think this would be an awesome app and I searched but have not seen anything familar. Thanks!
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    Take a look at this app and see if it does what your looking to do...
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    The Mode Switcher app in the Preware homebrew app catalog will give you this functionality.
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    thanks a lot guys. I will definetely try this out and update you on how this goes.
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    it took longer for me than it should have but got it working! got push email when on the touchstone! this is a great app - no wonder i could not find it as i kept on searching for power/battery related terms.

    now i'll see if i can get some weather/clock app working when docked- will tide me over until webos 2.0 is released.

    Thanks again for the help!

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