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    I'm an airline guy...I go through timezones...a lot.

    Had the Pre a year, love it. Never had this problem though.

    Time is off 1 hour, and will not reset to local time. I left Seattle and went to Anchorage (1 hour behind SEA). Time is still set to SEA and will not update. I have done the following:

    Full reboot
    Phone settings - update network settings and update PRL
    Connected to a local Wi-Fi network

    Still no luck.

    Time is a critical component to maintaining my employment status. If my Pre cannot reliably give me time, it's gonna have to go.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks everyone.
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    You can use the "Date & Time" app to turn off the network time zone option. You can then pick the time zone you want.
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    You might try turning Airline mode off then on and see if it updates correctly.
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    Thx gents. A combination of both suggestions seems to have done the trick.

    wait....nope. Damn thing just reset to the wrong time again....

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