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    This is probably an obvious answer for most of you, but here goes the question anyway. Will the Pre's hotspot in itself provide the communication necessary to for a computer and printer to work wirelessly? Or, do I still need a router?

    We live in the boonies and there is not a cost-effective high speed carrier, so we use the PrePlus as our home internet connection. Until we started with that, we didn't have anything wireless in the house so we don't have much experience in wireless networking. Now I have a USB dongle to provide wireless connectivity to the desktop, and our printer has wireless capabilities as well. We each also have laptops from work that we bring home and use more often than the desktop. All of those devices link up to the Pre's hotspot without any porblem. However, printing from any of the computers to the printer does not work wirelessly.

    So, do I need a router to provide the communication necessary between the peripherals? Or do I need to keep working with the settings of each device because it should work as is?

    Thank you for your help,
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    Holy crud your data charges must be massive...

    I believe it works this way, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    The phone itself works as a modem it redirects the stream of data out over the carrier network. It is not a router in the sense you're thinking, so your devices cannot technically connect to each other because the phone is simply there as a gateway to the carrier network.
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    You should be able to print directly to the wireless printer, no router/hotspot involved. I'd check the documentation for the printer to see how to get it working. On another note, you do realize the the data usage for the hotspot app is limited to 5g per month? After that it co$ts huge!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blacou59 View Post
    You should be able to print directly to the wireless printer, no router/hotspot involved. I'd check the documentation for the printer to see how to get it working. On another note, you do realize the the data usage for the hotspot app is limited to 5g per month? After that it co$ts huge!
    Maybe if you have Verizon. For Sprint, it's still unlimited. I run my data up to 10 GB routinely.
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    Thank you both for your quick replies. Interesting though, seems like opposite answers. I will look deeper into the printer help and see what I find. So far I've only been on the quick set-up guides and on-screen setting menus.

    So far data usage is not a problem - it is just costing us the $40 for the extra line plus data package. That is still less than half of the next closest high speed provider. We are not heavy users, so it has worked to this point. We also justify the extra line by being able to take the connection with us on trips and not having to worry about whether hotels offer internet or not. Plus, at home, if we want to look something up that pops in our heads, laziness has us just grab the phone and look it up on the little screen, and that is unlimited.
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    conventional network printer require a router. a wireless router has ability to connect to your router, the router in return gives printer an ip. printer comes with software to allow computer to connect it. hotspot can act as a router in this case. as to printing directly from pre, not possible because the software doesnt support pre.

    a way to print from pre is to use dropbox + computer + script.
    can be found here. Cloud Printing: Print Remotely With Smartphone, Dropbox | Gadget Lab |
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    As I've not tested using my Pre *as*the wireless router I can't say whether or not that would work right. However I can suggest something that would work for you. If you get your standard run of the mill wireless router then also get a wireless access point (also known as a bridge) you can plug the bridge into the router and basically be setup like most people are. Just instead of a cable/dsl modem plugged into the router for internet you plug the bridge in which would be configured to connect to the Pre's wireless. Hope that makes sense.

    - Phil -
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    can the computers see each other when connected to the pre? In windows turn sharing on for the pc with the printer, the click start, run, and then \\computername or \\ip-address of the other computer. If windows returns a biew of the computer, they are on the same subnet and printer sharing would work.

    if so, you could connect the printer to one pc with a wire and then 'share' the printer over the lan, perhaps.

    i'll have to try that when I can grab a second PC to connect to mhs.

    if not, I think using a wireless router would mean disconnecting from MHS and connecting to the MHS to print or having two network adapters in each pc.
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    Did you ever solve how to connect your wireless printer to a computer through your Mobile Hotspot? It's a year later and I have the same problem. I'm not sure of the answer.
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    We have a Kodak wireless printer (ESP C310) which works flawlessly with my Pre's hotspot. I can also print from my Android tablet through the hotspot using the Kodak app for Android.

    Another solution is to just get some old beat up wireless router. We don't have internet service, but I do have an old router someone gave us. I just plug it into the wall outlet to power it up and all my devices connect to it (good old "linksys"). You don't need an internet connection to print to a wireless printer (unless you're using Cloud Print--that's another story), just a router of some kind. I also use it to transfer files between my computers when I don't have a flash drive big enough.

    Sorry I got a little off topic.

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