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    Hello All, I don't post much on here. Pre owner since July 09 and finally had to move on to my 2nd pre. I got my replacement Pre last week, only took one week for Best Buy to get the phone back also. The keyboard is much better, and the slider has been much much better. This phone was original built in Aug. 09 and reconditioned last month.

    Maybe this is what all of the Pre Plus owner have experienced. I am very happy with the reconditions phone I received.
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    I am on my third PRE and having issues now again. One is the power button which I saw on here how to fix...not sure what is actually broke to have to put in a rubber band section. Second issue is the volumn slide will stay up on the screen and dropping my ringer to 0 so it only vibrates plus it keeps me from selecting my options at the bottom of the screen. The replacement phones are of less quality. I had only 30 days to find out if this phone is junk and it is and I am stuck with it. I am not pleased with the PRE and will be moving on..

    My wife's PRE has been having stutdown issues on it and we have not been able to find out what the issue is on it. We have swapped out the battery on it with mine and that lasts a few days and then it shuts down again. Also, she is moving on..

    These are not good phones, IMO.

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