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    I got a palm pre a month or two back. It was fine at first but then I stopped getting coverage and instead of "O2-IRL" (O2 Ireland) It said "SOS only - Check SIM"
    So I thought my sim just gave out on me, and I replaced it. Then my second sim stopped working and so on so on.... until my 4th sim stopped working recently.
    Right now I'm so sick of his happening I feel like throwing out my Pre.
    I tested my 4th sim on another phone and it works fine...... It must be a fault with the pre... And I need solutions.

    Has this happened to anyone before?
    If so how did you fix it?
    Will I need to send it away for repair, I think I still have waranty on it?
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    Yep, warranty that puppy.
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    Turns out the phone is barred.
    I got scammed by the guy I bought it off
    Thanks anyway.
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    Contact o2 and explain the situation. They may unbar it, seeing as you were not at fault here.
    They may require proof of course.

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