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    I'm up for my phone upgrade next week. I LOVE webos! I love my pre too, but it is starting to give me problems. I do not want an android phone, which seems to be all verizon is pushing these days. How long should I wait for a webos phone to come out?
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    Is this a rhetorical thread?
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    Do you need a new phone?

    I have been waiting since August, can't see going Android just for a new phone that I don't want.
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    I've been waiting since August also... but I'm totally content to wait and see what HP has up their sleeves. We certainly can't tell you how long to wait - if you are itching for a new device, scratch the itch. For me, I'm happy to wait...
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    I so want to upgrade but I love my Palm and the OS. So I will wait and see. I have 1 year left on my current contract with Sprint (upgrade is available to me on Tuesday) so I will wait it out for at least 4-6 months to at least hear something.
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    im in no hurry. i will upgrade whenever a new palm phone comes to sprint...
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    I guess I'll wait as long as my pre makes it. I've had BB and android phones. I really don't want to have to go back.
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    I'm sure that CES will be the latest we will have to wait for big news and launch dates. I think that is going to be too late for many in this community BUT we shall see.
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    My Pre broke for the last time a few months ago and I've been living with a rumor 2 sense. I am due up for an upgrade just before Christmas and I really need a new phone. I am probualy going to be getting an Evo because I want to try android out, so when I go back to WebOS I will know just how awesome it really is. I'm prob not going to get this Pre 2 because it sounds like it will be until march. But odds are that I will get both or ether the PalmPad and the next gen Palm phone after the Pre2. The evo itself has some beastly hardware and that is really what I'm falling for but I really wish Palm could release a new Pre phone before Christmas!!!!
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