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    First post. Be gentle...

    I've been lurking for a while now, reading and doing some research. I am one of the lucky Sprint SERO customers who has free reign now, and I bought a used Pre to keep my Sprint discount available.

    The Pre is not in my hands yet, but I have some questions about the order of the steps I should take to move forward.

    I will likely want to reset the phone to factory settings. Do I do this before or after I activate the phone? Basically, does using the Doctor mean I have to reactivate the phone?

    After that, what should I do right away? You don't need to provide links, I can look it up, I am more concerned with a particular order that I should follow. Also, since this is a used Pre, are there things I should check for straightaway (other than the obvious slider, dead pixels) that could be problematic?

    Thanks. I look forward to supercharging my Pre, but I am going to try to be smart and deliberate about it.
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    Palm - webOS Doctor for Palm Pre for Sprint

    Once you have the phone download the Sprint webOS doctor and run it. This will return the phone to factory condition.

    At that point you can activate the phone and create a Palm profile.
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    Once you've doctored your phone, install Preware.

    How to Use Preware for Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes

    Now that Preware is installed, overclock your phone. Install UberKernel (Pre/Pre+) and Govnah (so you can set the speed profile, I use Screenstate 500/1000).

    Then install the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch.

    You will have to reboot your phone after each step which takes about 3 minutes.

    Configure you launcher settings (I use a 4 column grid).

    Then since battery life for me is pretty bad you might want to install one of the battery percent patches.

    Jason Robitaille's LED Torch flash light app and menu patches are pretty cool.

    The GestureClick Context Menu is used by me every day. It means that I don't have to have the keyboard open to get the link context menu in the browser. I do a lot of browsing on the phone.

    Check out Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Beta

    Get Angry Birds Lite.

    If you use Twitter, check out the reviews on the several Twitter clients.

    If you use Facebook, get the Facebook app in the App Catalog.

    Oh, Pandora is great, also from the App Catalog.
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    Your suggestions should be very helpful.
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    Hi gorn I just bought a used pre too came from the blackberry side! All of the info that was said before is really great advice. There is one gripe I have with the pre and that is I can invite attendees using calendar like on my blackberry. This is a blessing in disguise cause now once I leave the office I have no responsibility to work!

    as far as overclocking goes I read that the higher you go the short the life of the phone, I keep mine at 500/800 screenstate. Also, for me every time I restart the phone I have to check my govnah settings since it defaults to 1ghz!

    a couple of apps I really found enjoyable are

    bweather - free from app catalog really nice weather app

    where - get your movie showtimes, yellowbook etc kind of like poynt if you ever used that before. also from app catalog

    I also recommend getting familiar with webosquickinstall it has some amazing tweak thats makes the phone so much better

    and I themed my phone with H.S.C 3.0 ( with my own background that I made for it
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