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    I tried everything to save my battery life manua emails, brightness unlike , facebook manual notif.. But still my phone eat the battery so fast!!!... I can't txt because every text cost me 3 to 5 % of my battery :/
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    That is defiantly not normal. Consider installing Dr. Battery and see what it says about your batteries health.

    Also make sure your PRL is updated and you only have trouble in certain locations it may be due to tower maintenance or locations around your areas, which is something you can't really fix.
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    How big of a difference is it with data on/off? I know for me it's a huge difference. I can keep mine off all day since I'm on a computer all day.
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    yeah man I should try Dr battery, maybe is some patch is causing the battery drain :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by lopezpm View Post
    How big of a difference is it with data on/off? I know for me it's a huge difference. I can keep mine off all day since I'm on a computer all day.
    I tried turning off my data but is not much the difference!
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    It might be time to Doctor it and start from scratch. It'll be faster than trying to figure out which patch it is. Are you over clocking? This is a weird thing that works for me. I am overclocked. If I restart my Pre it will start burning through my battery not like your but enough to bother me. If I turn on Govnah and run it at the 500/800 setting it will reduce my battery drain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    I tried turning off my data but is not much the difference!
    If turning off data doesnt work, then you have a big issue...
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    yeap I'm overclocking too in 1 ghz!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    yeap I'm overclocking too in 1 ghz!
    Just get some more batteries. They're pretty cheap. I have 4 stock batteries i carry around because i dont want the huge casing of those extended batteries.
    If you want to buy a Palm Pre is great condition. Here's your chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    yeap I'm overclocking too in 1 ghz!
    I'm overclock too, with minimal batt consumption. As forum member lopezpm suggested > it's time for a doctoring, you need to remove all installed patch, then after the doc only add back necessary patches. Ps. You could also have a bad battery.

    Best of luck.
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    something is defective with your battery. See some other threads about battery optimization. Shut down screen brightness. Make sure instant messaging is off. It takes the pre about 10 days to get battery optimized. Purchase mugen 1400 battery, etc.
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    thanks guys, I'm gonna try the dr battery first if still my battery is draining then doctoring, I also have an extra battery....and is not only that is difference between this battery and other devices battery like the android phones!
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    Mine is ridiculous as well. I USED to be able to power use (calls, texts, emails, music, surfing, reading, you name it) from 8am to 11pm, with data on the whole time, and still have 20-40% left by the time I went to bed. I was running Uber/Govnah with 800Mhz Fixed

    A few weeks ago, I tried some patches (again) to add data, gps and roam only on/off toggles to top bar menu. My battery life dropped exponentially, and removing them didn't fix the battery problem, so I had to doctor my phone.

    Since then, I have not been able to get through the day without constant charging or changing batteries at least once. I have doctored my phone, I have Doctored my batteries, I have stripped all but 2 patches off and tried different OC options. Right now, I find F102A Delta Dagger to be the best option for power consumption.

    I keep EVERYTHING off and my battery burn is 2-5% while idling (used to be max 5% when power using). 7-13% when doing ANYTHING. I killed 22% of my power yesterday morning making six, 1-minute calls, and sending just as many texts. I burned out my battery completely by 4pm, and my second battery by 1am (mostly idling, with an hour of music).

    There has GOT to be an answer that will put things back the way they were. If it did whatever I wanted on one charge over 12-16 hours before (except GPS or BlueTooth, then I needed to use the car charger), then it should do it now. It seems that little updates to software, like 1.4.5 always undoes whatever has been tweaked.

    Do I need to go back level to 1.4.3?

    "If you can't view and manage multiple apps, via multiple open windows, side-by-side, it's not multi-tasking, PERIOD." - Me
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    This is a borderline idiotic longshot, but -- check your backup app and see when the last backup was. For a while, I also had absolutely atrocious battery life that came out of nowhere... well, maybe not nowhere because I still remember the glorious 1.1.3 days of four hours battery life, but it had been much better and suddenly dropped off. Just like you guys describe.

    In my case, I found that for some reason I couldn't comprehend, the backup app hadn't actually backed anything up in a week or so. I didn't think the two issues were in any way connected until I manually started the backup and my battery life suddenly became normal again. Maybe this helps someone else
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    It may be case by case on phones too. I do alot of upgrades on pres and pixis and sell em (so I have a couple lying around usually). Some phones on standby dont burn anything at all, I mean one pre I had with 1ghz kernal and everything on (on my main line) I didnt touch the whole day except a few calls and texts and from 6am to 10pm it still had 81% left. Though another pre would drain maybe 5% each hour with the same settings on standby. Hopefully not just with webos 2.0 , but with new hardware we will never have battery issues again. Though even with the Evo I had, it actully got worse battery life then my pre, and I dont have 4G where I'm at. That along with the phone wasnt anything great (speed was slightly faster in some apps on the evo then pre nothing major though) and I still dont like android I sold it. If you look at bench mark test on most major droid devices now they get about the same battery life as most peoples pre's. So unless you opt for a Iphone 4, expect this with random pres until hopefully new hardware, and better optimized OS's are released.
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    my stock battery died before it was 1year old ... checked with Internalz, Capacity was at about 50% of its original.
    i think it also has sth to do with defect Touchstones (Ding-Dong, any1?).

    now using a Mugen Power 1400 Battery, getting through the day without Problems (Push Gmail, some texting+calling, Facebook, Twitter, lots of calendar usage).
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    just as an fyi. When I first purchased my pre plus and had trouble with battery life, I perused through the precentral forums extensively and noticed a tip that seemed to work for me....and that was transferring yahoo contacts to google (or other contact acct) and removing yahoo contacts from my pre. For some reason, yahoo contact synergy drains battery for reasons I cannot explain. Peruse through the forums from dec-2009 to feb 2010 to see similar stories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    yeap I'm overclocking too in 1 ghz!
    OK so you overclocked your phone and you're complaining about battery life?

    Dare I say duh?

    I suggest you run the screenstate 500 / 1000 profile in govner. I have notice some buggy behavior with this profile when you allow your pre to turn it's own screen off, so remember to press the lock button when you're done.

    I suggest you also turn off the locator service, the phone will turn it on, on a application basis when you need it.

    Turning the wireless connection could help but in reality if you're not connected to a network it's in power save mode.

    Turn the brightness down to about 30 %.

    I get about 8 hours, if you're still having problems you may have to underclock back to 500 or 800.

    You might also consider turning off or tune back auto email sync, it does it by default every 15 minutes.
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    I have had my Mugen 1400 for almost a year now, still at 88% capacity, one reason why the battery has lasted so long is the Touchstone charger, these types of batteries like to stay topped off.
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    there is any difference charging in the touchstone or directly with the cable? :/
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