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    I am so disappointed to discover the Palm pre does not sync to my computer with the cord like the old palm phone. I am told I need to use chapura. ANy other way? How easy is ChAPURA TO USE?
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    Your Palm Profile backs up most of the important stuff like contacts and accounts.
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    actually, you can use windows media player to sync your music library. It works flawlessly for me.
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    I think what the OP is stating is syncing of calendar, contact, email, and tasks, much like you would with an exchange server. There are workarounds and I tried Chapura fora while and it seemed to do a good job. I dint want to pay the $40 for the app so I have lived without it. The only thing that I like to sync with my desktop is my calendar. For that, I downloaded Google Calendar Sync. That syncs my desktop calendar with my Google account. Then I go to my Pre and sync that with Google. An intermediate step but it works and its free.

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    Hi bstanovich, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    There are a few options for syncing your device.... but you have to realize that webOS is not designed like the old Palm OS. This new system is designed around 'cloud computing' and storing/backing up files to the cloud instead of your computer.

    That being said... take a look at the first post in this thread for a detailed list of options for you:
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    I'm another former Treo user who used and continues to use a cable to sync to outlook. I sync my calendar,notes and contacts from outlook using Companion Link. I don't use the over the air sync because my company does not authorize connection for the Pre as of yet, and I really don't want to receive my company email on my phone (they can annoy enough when I'm on my laptop). But I do like have my contacts and calendar available. I think I went with Companion Link because they offered a free 30 day trial and I worked well enough I was too lazy to change. It continues to work well for me although it involve an additional step of syncing once it downloads the info from the laptop. Like anything else there's a learning curve and a few gotcha's but not enough to make me change software.

    I'm sure that ringing endorsement will win me few friends at Companion Link but you may want to give it at try.
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    I was first taken back because of this as well, but now I use Google for Contacts and Calendar which has many sync options. In fact, I got my contacts and calendar stuff from my Treo to my Pre via Google apps. For music there are a lot of options available. On my Mac, I can sync the calendar with iCal, etc.

    Personally, I would love if someone would create a FireFox Sync app for WebOS. Then I could seamlessly sync calendars, bookmarks, and contacts with my desktop and laptop FireFox and Thunderbird Apps. I made the attempt to do this with a Weave (now FireFox Sync) prototype without success. My guess is that the API for the servers was updated and is now incompatible with Weave.
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    I use Chapura which works great, flawlessly and hassle free. When it works. Time after time, it denies my synchronize command saying it can't find the in-house wireless local intranet that it found easily before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BHorton2 View Post
    I use Chapura which works great, flawlessly and hassle free. When it works. Time after time, it denies my synchronize command saying it can't find the in-house wireless local intranet that it found easily before.
    are you actually at home? public wifi like starbucks put each device on an individual VLAN so they will never see each other. In that case, you can connect to your PC via bluetooth and sync that way.
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    If the OP is planning to continue syncing with a PC, here is an old thread with some best practices for setting things up, and to avoid putting your contacts or calendar into the Palm Profile.
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    I've used Thunderbird with some free add-ons to sync contacts and calendars via Gmail. With my Pre set up with Gmail as EAS, I can add a calendar event on Thunderbird and the event syncs to my Pre-sometimes it shows up on my Pre within just a few seconds. It is not as fast Pre->Gmail->Thunderbird since T-bird only syncs at certain intervals. I cannot sync tasks though. It took a little work to get set up, but it works pretty well and it is completely free.
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    I, too,use CompanionLink, and it works like a charm for me. I got it soon after getting my ATT Pre+ and haven't had one problem. Yes, it takes 3 steps to sync, but once you get it down, it's no problem. Loved the 30-day tryout period. Tech support (email) is really good. I sent them a bunch of questions even before I bought their app, and they were very helpful. I think it's a good buy.

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    I've been using my Treo up until about 2 weeks ago.
    But way back when we first started talking about the cloud, I made the move to the cloud.
    I instantly saw it - even back then - as a great way to cut the cord. I never liked having to hook up to backup.

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