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    I am inquiring about a flash player or a converter that will either let me watch video\movies on my Pre. is there anything out the for this? I have tried to put WMA formatted files on my pre but no luck i have tried every folder that is shown on my pre webosdoctor i have searched for a patch through preware and no luck. My question is,is there and converters out there for a WMA and what would i convert it to a MP4 video format. Please any info will help and thank you for reading this post.
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    I believe you need to get your video files converted to the mp4 format( same format as you would use for an iphone for example) search the web for video conversion software, I've heard there's a few of them available.
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    ...the one I use is Handbrake. Works really great! As for a flash player ~ we have been waiting for that for a loooong time. >:-(

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